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Excido Escape Room is Ventura County's new and hottest live game and entertainment.


111 Poindexter Ave. Suite A, Moorpark, CA 93021


(805) 334-5975



Thurs. - Fri.   6:45 PM - 10PM

Sat. 12 PM - 10PM

Sun. 1:30 PM - 9PM

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Can You Escape?

No experience necessary, and no outside knowledge needed. Just work together. Bring your friends, families, dates, co-workers or neighbors to Excido Escape Room and team up for the challenge. 

See if your parents can handle a math puzzle, and then they will understand why you got a C in high school. Bring them to Excido Escape Room to join you on the quest.

Planning a corporate event with a large group? Please send us an email at for more details.

Bring Your A Team

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How To Play

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The Adventure

The Challege Begins


Ready. Set. GO!

Studio E: Get locked in at the studio of a popular online video news show. Take a good look around the green room and the studio, and see if you can find the secrets that make this news team viral, before the next episode goes live. 

The Subway — Metro Connect: What you thought was a normal ride on the subway has become anything but. The power has gone out, and rescue teams are a long ways away. Restore power and get to safety.

Book Now to experience the game. (Booking in advance is REQUIRED. No Walk-ins.) 

You found a door! Your heart tells you it's the only way out. But there is no door knob. Of course there is no door knob. You can't solve the maze. You forgot one of the clues. You failed to solve a 5th grade math question. You panic! 4 + 2 is such a hard concept to you right now. Time is running out. Nick shouts "I got it." But sadly, he was wrong ...

PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY! (10-15 minutes is recommended). Allow plenty of time to get here, park and get comfortable. If you arrive after the door is locked, you won't be admitted and there will be no exchange or refund. So please plan accordingly. 

After booking for your visit, you should receive an email confirmation from Excido Escape Room. 24 hours before your booking, you will also receive a reminder email about your visit. When booking, please make sure you enter your contact information correctly.

HOW TO PLAY THE GAME: In both rooms, you will need to solve a series of puzzles and connect together clues that will lead you to find the key for the escape door. Some clues might be very easy to find, some might need several steps. Take notes of the information you have gathered because you might need to use them later. Communication is key. Talk to each other, share your thoughts and theories. When you get stuck, move on to the next clue. No special skills or codex is needed. Work your way through the room and try to escape within 45 minutes. But most importantly, have a lot of fun.​​