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Studio E: Get locked in at the studios of a popular online video news show. Take a good look around the green room and the studio, and see if you can find the secrets that make this news team viral, before the next episode goes live. Can you escape?

About The Adventure


​Excido Escape Room is Ventura County's new and hottest live game and entertainment.


111 Poindexter Ave. Suite A

Moorpark, CA 93021



Thurs - Fri.    7 PM - 10PM

Sat. -  Sun. 10 AM - 10PM 

Welcome to Excido Escape Room - Ventura County's Hottest Live Interactive Mystery Puzzles 

Excido Escape Room

The Casino Club

This might be the best idea for a date with that special someone. Bring them to Excido Escape Room and have a fun puzzle 
solving date night.

Still like each other after work? Invite your colleagues to Excido Escape Room. If you want to have a big company party, contact us and schedule a special event.

Let your parents handle a math puzzle and they will leave you alone the next time you get a C. Bring them to Excido Escape Room to join you on the quest.

No experience necessary, and no outside knowledge needed. Just work together. Bring your friends to Excido Escape Room and team up for the challenge.

The Casino Club: Inspired by a series of popular movies, you and your friends attempt to break into the high roller room at a swanky Las Vegas casino to make out with millions. Use the clues hidden around the room to break into the high-roller safe and walk away with a fabulous prize, before the next security patrol comes around. Will you find your way out? 



Studio E



Our Rooms

What is Excido Escape Room?

Excido Escape Room is puzzle game where a group of players gets locked inside a room and they will need to find a way out by solving series of puzzles from clues and observations.

Mentalists are welcome.

​Are we really locked inside the room?

Yes, you are physically and mentally locked in the room. However there is a way to escape so you can get out in the event of an emergency. If you need to get out for any reason, you will be able to, but that will end the game immediately and without refund. So please, use the restroom before you play, Billy.

What is the age limit?

There is no age restriction, however, please keep in mind that the puzzles are designed for ages 13 and above. Small children might find them difficult. Please note that Excido Escape Room is not a babysitting service. Do not abandon your children here.  

How much time do we have?

Each room allows 45 minutes for the escape. When the time is up and you're still not finished, our staff will come to get you and you may go home in shame. 

Do we need to arrive early? 

Please arrive with your entire group 10 minutes before your scheduled game time, so you can sign the necessary documents, get introduced to the game and get tips from the staff. Adding that one late friend into the room halfway through the game is just ridiculous. 

We're late. What do we do?

Late arrivals or no-shows are not ok. We run a very tight ship around here to assure as many spots as possible for other teams to play. Please plan accordingly. And there are no refunds. Sorry about it.

How early in advance do I need to book?

Booking in advance is required. You have to book your time slot at least 2 hours before the game starts. Additional players can join the room as space permits up until gametime. 

How much is it?

Wednesday - Friday: $30 per person. Saturday and Sunday: $35 per person.

Coupons and special deals may be available to our fans on Facebook. Follow us and save.

How many people are in the room?

The game allows a group of up to 6 persons per time slot for each room. You may end up with other people if you don't book the entire room. 

Having a life crisis or seeking more answers?

Email us at, send us a message on Facebook or call us at 805.334.5975


Excido Escape Room offer 2 incredibly fun, yet challenging rooms: Studio E and The Casino Club. But don’t just play the game—be a part of it—by searching for clues, solving puzzles and working together with friends and family, or bosses

superintendents, or whoever you

​invited to join the adventure.

Book now to experience the game.  

​Booking in advanced is required.

Arrive early! Allow plenty of time to get here, park and get comfortable.

If you arrive after the door is locked, you won't be admitted and there will be no exchange or refund. So please plan accordingly. 

In both rooms, you will need to solve a series of puzzles and connect together clues that will lead you to find the key for the escape door. Some clues might be very easy to find, some might need several steps. You will be provided pencils and paper to take notes on the information you have gathered and might need to use them for later. Communication is key. Talk to each other, share your thoughts and theories. When you get stuck, move on to the next clue. No special skills or codex is needed. Work your way through the room and try to escape within 45 minutes. But most importantly, have a lot of fun.

Winning prizes? You can't put a price on victory! Winning teams will be photographed and added to the Excido Escape Room Hall of Fame. And don't worry, the losing teams will get a chance to get their photo taken as well. We will make sure you and your friends have a tremendous amount of fun whether you feel the sting of defeat or smell the sweet scent of success. 

Prepare For The Adventure

Assemble Your Team

You found a door! Your heart tells you it's the only way out. But there is no door knob. And you're like, "of course." You can't solve the maze. You forgot one of the clues. You failed to solve a 5th grade math question. You panic. 4 + 2 is now such a concept to you. Time is running out. Your friend Nick shouts "I got it." But sadly, he was wrong ...

​Can you escape?